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Wow. On a whim, I added "My Hero" to my interests list, and wow, I never expected to find more than a few people, much less a community for it!

I love this show. But I see it on PBS, on US tv, so I don't know how far behind in eps we are from you Brits...

Anyway, I first heard about it when I was showing some photo edits to a friend of mine, and he asked if I could make him one. He sent me a picture of a guy with steam coming out of his ears, and requested the word bubble to read "Of course your meatballs aren't too spicy, Janet! I'm THERMOMAN!"

Well, I thought he was nuts. He told me it was from a British show on Saturday nights, and one week I happened to catch it. Boy was I delighted! I love the humor, the's so imaginative! I think the closest show we had in the States is "Third Rock from the Sun", but that wouldn't be all *that* close...

BTW--you all know there's an anime series called "Voltron", right?
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